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Behind every outreach you will find the heart that inspires vision and the mission that propels action. We are committed to connecting resources to the under-resourced. The more help each outreach has, the further out we can reach. Our hope is that every person will find his or her place in the grand calling that is caring for one another and loving our city together.

Adopt a Block

The heart of Adopt a Block is to create an atmosphere of change in our community by adopting underserved neighborhoods and the individuals and families who live in these areas. The mission for this outreach is to find a need and fill it. We go to the adopted blocks every Saturday to bring groceries, clean up trash, remove graffiti and provide activities for children. 

Adopt A School

The heart of Adopt A School is to extend resources to the youth of our community in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle and learning environment. The mission of Adopt A School is to partner with local elementary schools to provide assistance with food, programs, and special events. We also supply backpacks filled with supplies and deliver fresh produce to students on a weekly basis.

Art and Science Mobile

The heart of the Art and Science Mobile is to stimulate creativity, innovation and create an environment in which youth are encouraged to dream for their future and be who they are intended to be. The mission of this outreach is to engage under-resourced youth in Vacaville with fun and educational art and science projects in order to spark their curiosity and promote their interest in art and science. 


The heart of the Bookmobile is to instill the love of reading within all children. The mission of the Bookmobile is to offer mobile library services to connect children and their families residing in Vacaville to the resources they need for their educational, recreational, and lifelong learning needs. We partner with local school districts in Solano County and public libraries to redistribute books from their inventory. 

Community Outreach Interns

The heart of the summer internship program is to provide participants the opportunity to gain perspective into the role of community leadership through service-oriented programs and outreaches. The mission is for the interns to gain experience in non-profit management while navigating the complexities of government-funded resources.

Graffiti Removal

The heart of Graffiti Removal is to beautify the neighborhoods, communities and cities where we live. The mission is to work with the local fire and police departments to remove gang related graffiti and tags as quickly as possible. Partnering with local government is vital as graffiti is known to lower property values and can incite criminal activity. 

Juvenile Offender Diversion Program

The heart of the Juvenile Offender Diversion Program is to give juvenile offenders a second chance to reverse negative trends and be healthy, productive members of the community. The mission of the program is to provide community service opportunities in an attempt to divert youthful offenders from the juvenile justice system. As a part of the program they serve the community through our outreach.

Kicks for Kids

The heart of Kicks for Kids is to equip kids with shoes that fit to give them confidence, dignity and the ability to learn and play. The mission of Kicks for Kids is to provide brand new shoes to children in our Adopt A Block neighborhoods. Kicks for Kids operates on volunteer efforts, monetary donations and partnerships with local businesses such as Reebok, Fleet Feet and Genentech. This outreach runs from July through September.

Mobile Hair Salon

The heart of the Mobile Hair Salon is to bring beauty, confidence and personal care to people of all ages in our Vacaville Adopt A Block neighborhoods. The mission of this outreach is to provide free haircuts, hairstyles, manicures, and personal care products. The Mobile Hair Salon operates on the volunteer efforts of licensed cosmetologists and donations of equipment and supplies.

Mobile Medical Clinic

The heart of the Mobile Medical Clinic is to see our community thrive in vibrant health. The mission of this outreach is to bring wellness checks, blood pressure screenings, diabetes education, and a variety of other services to our Vacaville and Dixon Adopt A Block neighborhoods. The Mobile Medical Clinic operates on the volunteer efforts of registered nurses, medical doctors and donations of medical supplies.

Mobile Vision Clinic

The heart of the Mobile Vision Clinic is to provide our community with vision screenings to ensure that they get to see their loved ones and our community thrive. The mission of the Mobile Vision Clinic is to provide vision checks, eye care and education to families in our Adopt A Block neighborhoods. The Mobile Vision Clinic operates on the volunteer efforts of registered Optometrists and Nurses.

Prison Outreach

The heart of the Prison Outreach is to establish relationships with incarcerated men and women to assist in their transition back into society. The mission of this outreach is to challenge, change and improve the lives of the inmates in the program through relationship and programs. Examples of available programs include, anger management, writing skills, money management and community reentry guidance.

The Storehouse

The heart of The Storehouse is the belief that hunger is something that no one in our community should endure and access to food is fundamental to the well-being of a strong and vibrant community. The mission is to provide free food and personal care items to all who are in need. The Storehouse believes in fighting hunger and feeding hope.