Adopt a Block

Adopt a Block

Adopt a Block

The heart of Adopt a Block is to create an atmosphere of change in our community by adopting underserved neighborhoods and the individuals and families who live in these areas. The mission for this outreach is to find a need and fill it. We go to the adopted blocks every Saturday to bring groceries, clean up trash, remove graffiti and provide activities for children.


In Vacaville, we have adopted the Trower Park, Meadows Court, Bennett Hill, Creekside Village Mobile Home Park, Alamo Garden Apartments, Alamo Mobile Home Park, Lee's Mobile Home Park, Monte Vista Mobile Home Park, Leisure Town, Lemon Tree Mobile Home Park, Lincoln Corners Apartments, and Saratoga Apartments.

In Elmira - B Street.

In Fairfield - Sunnyside Apartments, Bristol Lane, and Dana Way.

In Napa - Castlewood Apartments, Walnut Avenue, Royal Garden Apartments, Pueblo Mobile Home Park, and Napa Garden Apartments.

In East Bay - Willow Pass in Concord.

We have adopted these blocks with the intention to change the atmosphere of these neighborhoods through consistent presence.


Every Saturday at 10am

We meet at the Vacaville Storehouse, and the Napa Storehouse, and proceed to the locations (listed below) from there.

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